My Breed Slot Setup

Here is my current breed slot setup.  Ive converted a few breeds to different slots.  If you see one you want, leave a comment and I will get it to you.

Norn Ettin Slot Grendel Geat
Bruin (Cyberlife) Ettin (Cyberlife) A Grendel (Cyberlife) Butterfly Norn
Bengal (Cyberlife)   B Banshee (Cyberlife) Beowulf Norn
Civet (Cyberlife)   C Boney  
ChiChi (Cyberlife)   D   Bubble Norn
Magma (Cyberlife)   E    
Bondi (Cyberlife)   F   Dream Norn
Treehugger (Cyberlife)   H   Halloween Norn
Zebra (Cyberlife)   I   Flora Norn
Toxic (Cyberlife)   J   Jungle Norn
Fallow (Cyberlife)   K   C1 Banana (C12DS)
Siamese (Cyberlife)   L   C1 Pixie (C1toDS)
Astro (Cyberlife)   M   C1 Horse Norn (C1toDS)
Hardman (Cyberlife)   N   C1 Purple Mountain Norn (C1toDS)
Harlequin (Cyberlife)   O   C1 Forest Norn (C1toDS)
    P   C1 Ron Norn (C1toDS)
Pumuckl Norn   Q    
Reindeer Norn   R   Primavera Norn
Pearl Mermaid   S    
Alien Norn   T    
C2 Pixie Norn   U   Estrella Norn
Yautja   V    
    W   Gargoyle Norn
Sabertooth Norn   X   Sphinx Norn
Apple Norn   Y   Dodgy (C1toDS)
Unseen Norn   Z   Draconian

More as I sort/reinstall my breeds



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