Multiple Instances of Docking Station

Running multiple instances of Docking Station…

If you are anything like me, running several wolfling runs at the same time will put a gleam in your eye. Here is how it is done.

First off, I should get this out of the way. This WILL mess up your game worlds if done wrong. I CAN NOT promise that it will work. It works for me, on my computer, with my hardware/software configuration. Proceed at your own risk. BACKUP your folders!! Don’t forget to BACKUP ALL RELATED FILES!! Did I mention to BACKUP your files?

  1. Locate your Docking Station folder.
  2. Copy, paste and rename the folder. I keep them in the same folder as Docking Station. Like this.
  3. In your copied and renamed folder, lets call it “New World”, locate a file called “machine.cfg”
  4. Open it in a text editor like Notepad or Wordpad by right clicking and clicking the Open with… option.
  5. Once open, locate the line that looks like this: “Game Name” “Docking Station”.
  6. Replace “Docking Station” with “Name of New World”. Make sure you replace the quotes aw well. It should look like this: “Game Name” “Name of New World”. Where “Name of New World” is your name of choice… It does not have to be the same name as the folder. Its just easier to organize that way.
  7. Save and close. Double click on the engine.exe. If you didn’t forget the quotes or add spaces where you shouldn’t have, the game should open and function properly. Instead of Docking Station showing as the window title, you should see the name you chose for your new world.

Bugs I have noticed:

  • If you make a shortcut to the engine.exe of your new world, it will not have the DS icon.
  • Some agents can’t be injected into worlds titled other than Docking Station. Some of them are: The wolfling vendor by Hausmouse. Viruses by Bug. (If i got the authors wrong I apologize.) The injector will tell you that they have been injected properly, but they are no where to be found. Just rename the world to Docking Station, inject the agent, and rename it back.


  • Multiple wolfling runs!!
  • You can set up several warp worlds and let your nornies bounce around your very own universe. I do this because worlds slow down after about 30 creatures and if I have 4 running I can have a butt load of creatures : P
  • Separate folders for separate wolfling runs, creatures don’t get mixed up.

Advanced Stuff

I have a “World Template” folder that I use to make worlds. Its game name is Docking Station of course, so I can inject all the agents. Once I have my world set up, I just cut and paste it to the world where it is needed. That also saves time because I always have a pre-set up world laying around.

To make One set of resource folders (Backgrounds, Body Data, Bootstrap, Catalogue, Genetics, Images and Sounds).

If your game works at this point, BACK IT UP!!

This is kinda complicated and took some trial and error. I got frustrated with having to update several worlds every time I added an agent so tinkered around with the machine.cfg some more.

Lets say that your Docking Station folder is your Base World, every other world will take its agents, creature breeds and .cos files from your base world. At least that is the goal anyway.

  1. Open your machine.cfg file.
  2. Look near the bottom half, it looks like this:
  3. “Backgrounds Directory” Backgrounds
    “Body Data Directory” “Body Data”
    “Bootstrap Directory” Bootstrap
    “Catalogue Directory” Catalogue
    “Creature Database Directory” “Creature Galleries”
    “Display Type” 2
    “Exported Creatures Directory” “My Creatures”
    “Game Name” “New Game Name”
    “Genetics Directory” Genetics
    “Images Directory” Images
    “Journal Directory” Journal
    “Main Directory” .
    “Overlay Data Directory” “Overlay Data”
    “Resource Files Directory” “My Agents”
    “Sounds Directory” Sounds
    “Users Directory” Users
    “Win32 Auxiliary Game Name 1” “Creatures 3”
    “Worlds Directory” “My Worlds”
  4. Lets say that your Docking Station folder is in your C:\Program Files folder. So the addy of your DS folder is C:\Program Files\Docking Station. In what ever language machine.cfg is written, that address will look like this: C:\\Program Files\\Docking Station\\
  5. Since you are directing the game to load all the resource files from your main Docking Station folder, the bottom half of the machine.cfg should then look like this:
  6. “Backgrounds Directory” “C:\\Program Files\\Docking Station\\Backgrounds\\”
    “Body Data Directory” “C:\\Program Files\\Docking Station\\Body Data\\”
    “Bootstrap Directory” “C:\\Program Files\\Docking Station\\Bootstrap\\”
    “Catalogue Directory” “C:\\Program Files\\Docking Station\\Catalogue\\”
    “Creature Database Directory” “Creature Galleries”
    “Display Type” 2
    “Exported Creatures Directory” “My Creatures”
    “Game Name” “New Game Name”
    “Genetics Directory” “C:\\Program Files\\Docking Station\\Genetics\\”
    “Images Directory” “C:\\Program Files\\Docking Station\\Images\\”
    “Journal Directory” Journal
    “Main Directory” .
    “Overlay Data Directory” “Overlay Data”
    Resource Files Directory” “C:\\Program Files\\Docking Station\\My Agents\\”
    “Sounds Directory” “C:\\Program Files\\Docking Station\\Sounds\\”
    “Users Directory” Users
    “Win32 Auxiliary Game Name 1” “Creatures 3”
    “Worlds Directory” “My Worlds”
  7. You can then delete the resource folders from your new world folder to save on space and confusion. Your edited machine.cfg will keep your game from seeing them.
  8. All the folders that I didn’t redirect are folders that shouldn’t be redirected


I found this somewhere on the Creatures Wiki. I can’t find it again because it was a page that took me to another page that took me to another page… You know how that goes. *edit* Link to Game Name Tutorial

I figured out the combined resources folder through trial and error, so there isn’t a real tutorial for it. If you know of one, I would love the link.

This works for me. If you can’t get it to work for you, I will do my best to help you out. Happy warping : )


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