Generation 45090-45110ish

Insane Fast-Agers

Found these guys in a sort folder the other day.  They were in a world I had in 2002 called Trinkay’s Port.  That was right after I got Docking Station.  Ive been trying to breed the fast-agers out of them as well as the insane colors.  They started out looking like this and aging to adult by the time they were 1 minute old.  Oh, yea.  And I’ve been breeding the Grendel out of them.  Not that there’s anything wrong with bright fast-aging grorns, they just aren’t my preference…

Generation 45101

Now they look more like this and age more normally.  They still have some color to them but its a little more natural. I can’t promise they aren’t immortal, I’ve been busier with breeding out the fast-aging than I have with letting them age until senile and move on to the great disc in the sky.  And currently I would rather play than tinker with the genetics files.  I’m sure i will get to that stage soon though.  I always do when I get on one of these Creatures kicks.

Cute Treehugger

This is a cute Treehugger combination.  At least her appearance is, I doubt she still has any Treehugger qualities given that she is a generation 45099 and I haven’t introduced any fresh Treeguggers into the gene pool.  I’m sending this one out in the warp soon.  Shoot me a comment or something if you see her : P  The wolfling namer named her F45099N510.

Oh, and plus also…  as far as I know, these are all Cyberlife breeds.  If they aren’t, and they look all screwy, well…  that’s what the warp is all about : P


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