Albian Greys

Background Info:

These are my Grey C12DS Norns.  The came from a wolfling run I started in January of 09.  I started out with 5 each of the females and 2 each of the males.  Every 5 generations, I removed all the males and created 2 each from the egg layer in an attempt to keep the pack genetically strong.  The goal was to keep the gene pool clean of things like fast-aging, immortality, the ability to go without food and to breath underwater.  I removed the lowest generation norns every 5 generations as well to prevent back tracking.

In generation 32, I started seeing my first mutations so I began a controlled wolfling run with the mutated norns.  I was getting norns of every color from the same group of adults.  Reds, blues, yellows, pinks, greens, greys.  So I exported everyone and made copies.  There I branched out with the idea of breeding a line of every color mutation I could get out of these generation 32 parents.  I had done no cloning or splicing at this point, just controlled breeding.

Greys were the most prominent so I started working with them.  At first, the norns only held their color mutation through the baby life stage, returning to their original color afterwards.

I just kept culling out the babies being born with normal coloration and not breeding them unless they kept their coloration through progressive lifestages.  Soon, in generation 39, I had 4 males and one female that were grey throughout adulthood.  I’ve noticed in general that the ratio of males and females typically leans more to the male side…

In generation 40, I had about 1 out of every 10 births being born a natural color.  In generation 42, after 30 or so births, I’ve yet to breed a norn that reverted back to its original coloration.

Generation 43, most all are being born with physical mutations.  Heads sit too low on their bodies making their arms look attached to their faces.  Going to clone the remaining viable ones.  I could prolly fix it with the genetics kit, but I’m too lazy…

Back on track, norns are being born without physical mutations

Had to give up on all generation 44 babies. They all carried the bad gene.

At generation 50, which was my goal, i spliced all the norns down to one.  Opened it with the genetics kit, (and after hours of research), took care of the immortality problem, fixed their aging, tweaked a few things with their organs because i didn’t think that land dwellers should be able to breath under water, and stabilized their color.  I made a gen file for them, plan on making an egg agent

I have personally tested them to the upper 70’s, and so far they are looking good.  I’ve got another testing them now as well and if all goes well, I will send them out into the warp as well.  I did send one out a few months ago and she didn’t get sent back, so maybe her offspring are already taking over the world : P


Albian Greys

A Shee known as Thorex happened upon a planet in the far reaches of the famous disc universe where the planet Albia circled its sun.  Picking up on slight energy readings, Thorex was drawn to this ice planet.  With further exploration, he found a small collection of Albian Norns frozen in a stasis chamber.  A secret experiment of one of his brethren, no doubt.  With glee unbefitting his years, he thawed them out and placed them in the capillata of his pod with a supply of tubas to keep them fed.  He was running experiments in the Meso and he just couldn’t wait to dock with his ship before reviving them.  In his excitement, he pressed the warp button instead of the auto pilot button and found himself on the face of the ice planet while his ship drifted ever further away.   The newly revived Albian Norns, deprived of sunlight and proper nutrition began to take on the color of the spaceship walls and the tubas they ate.

Lore Ideas

I had an idea to make them “allergic” to any food other than tubas, but it seemed really complicated and genetics and caos make my head explode.  If anyone wants to do this, i would be grateful : )

Other Stuff


I didn’t realize until just tonight while i was looking for a pic of Jinga, that there was a C1 Breed called the Albian Greys.  This is Cassandra.  I wish i could port my C1 norns to DS…


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