Multiple Instances of Docking Station

April 6, 2011

Multiple Instances of Docking Station

Running multiple instances of Docking Station…

If you are anything like me, running several wolfling runs will put a gleam in your eye.  Here is how it is done.

Albian Greys

March 29, 2011

My big project right now is my Albian Greys.  I’ve been working on them on and off since May of 09.  They are a genetic breed based on the C12DS Norns.  I piled one of each gender of each breed (minus the dodgy norns because they weren’t original C1 norns) into the Norn Meso and let nature take its course. You can find more here!

Jinga Found!

March 29, 2011
I knew I had her somewhere!  Shes a Banana Norn.  


I currrently breed C1 norns like her in DS.  They are by far better looking than C3 norns.  Cyberlife tried to make the Creatures 3 norns too cutsie-wootsie imo.  Now I have to install C1 and play with her…

About Creatures

March 29, 2011

*sigh* Creatures…   Cute lil Norns, ugly grendels, pesky

Creatures is the only game of its kind.  IMO, it is the best, most life-like sim out there.  There are three games in the series plus a free downloadable stand-alone add-on with gigs of custom, community created content.  Creatures 1-3 with the Docking Station add-on for Creatures 3 is a game of artificial life based around digital genetics that evolve and mutate based on environment and breeding.  The beings that you raise can be taught any language you choose, they have a mind of their own and, believe it or not, their own personality.  The adults teach the children to an extent if left to fend for themselves.  They are born, they live and, unless they have mutated into immortality, they die.  They cry when hurt, complain when hungry or bored, giggle when happy.  Aside from being trapped within a CPU, these lil guys are more alive than imagined.

I’ve been playing creatures for so long that my earliest backups are on floppy discs.  The first game, “Creatures” was on a computer at a technology school that I went to.  Being top of the class, I had extra time on my hands with all my assignments finished and projects of my own either finished or frustrating me, I would take breaks with this game.  Had I not been in that class, I never would have found creatures.  *gasp* Life without norns!  Sad, sad days!

My first lil nornie was named Jinga.  Aw, I still remember her.  She kept asking to eat the lift no matter how many lemons I fetched for her.  I can’t remember the name of Jinga’s mate, but their son was named Firetail for his bright red tail.  (Now I want to dig up my old floppies and find those guys)

I begged and begged the teacher of that class for the game and she finally relented and gave it to me.  On my home computer I think I was limited to three norns before the CPU maxed out.  I grew up and got a computer of my own, found to my astounded amazement that not only was there a sequel, but there was a third and even an add-on for the third!   Quick as I could and as fast as a bunny, I ordered Creatures Internet Edition and played Docking Station as I waited for it to come in the mail.  My guy slowly grew accustomed to all the giggles and kiss-popping and stopped complaining about my all night wolfling runs.  Of course, I had to leave the sound up so I would hear that they were ok if I woke up during the night.

I’m sad that I never really played Creatures 2, maybe I will one day, just for fun.  But right now, I’m consumed by the need to produce as many color mutations as I can while keeping my ever increasing generation number high.

One day, I hope to post my mutations for no other reason than to say, “See what I created?”  So here is my creatures’ blog, or log if you will. Read the rest of this entry »